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Application of hydraulic crushing forceps for excavators

Pubdate:2020-09-29 Clicks:

Excavator hydraulic crushing forceps, also known as excavator crushing forceps, demolition crushing tongs, have been gradually recognized by customers in China in recent years. In the demolition, the crushing concrete operation efficiency is high, with the use of crushing hammer, the disadvantages of high risk and high cost of manual operation are avoided.

The hydraulic crushing forceps are composed of four parts: the clamp body, the oil cylinder, the moving jaw and the fixed jaw. The hydraulic pressure is applied to the hydraulic cylinder through the hydraulic system, so that the moving jaw and the fixed jaw of the hydraulic clamp can realize the opening and closing movement, and the crushing effect is achieved. All crushers are equipped with a powerful oil cylinder to handle different working conditions with different pressures. All models are equipped with steel cutting blades.

Secondary demolition refers to the comminution of concrete after the first demolition to facilitate loading and transportation for recovery and reuse. The effective method of secondary demolition is to separate the reinforcement. Extremely strong tooth system, high quality alloy steel, high performance oil cylinder, constitute HC series crushing forceps.