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Main features of excavator hydraulic shear

Pubdate:2020-09-29 Clicks:

The jaw size and special blade design of excavator hydraulic shear can greatly improve productivity. All hydraulic shear series can quickly and easily replace blades, which can reduce downtime and optimize productivity. Powerful hydraulic cylinders enhance jaw closing force and can reduce the most hardened steel. The hydraulic shear series is made of high grade steel to ensure the best wear resistance of tools and maximum strength waterproof, corrosion resistant design, fully enclosed, steel structure, designed to eliminate or reduce any distortion or bending.

Excavator hydraulic shear high quality mobile scrap metal shears hydraulic excavator shears are sold for a variety of operations, including breaking steel structures, scrap processing and other applications, cutting iron materials, steel, box pipes, etc., with unique design and innovative methods to ensure effective operation and strong cutting force, which is more than 15% performance of ordinary hydraulic shear.