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Basic introduction of excavator hydraulic shear

Pubdate:2020-09-29 Clicks:

Basic introduction of excavator hydraulic shear

1. New pearcing tips: pipercing is fast Replacement.Eliminates Time consuming tip rebuild tip bolt blade.

2. Double guide: double guide rail is movable jaw to ensure perfect alignment.

Front blade: the front blade ensures the precise cutting of the tip and can be opened.

4. New jaw design: the new fixed jaw design increases the cutting ability, and the material falls down easily.

5. For all new blades: all blades have been redesigned to a diamond shape to reduce the number of jaw.Each The stress of blade can be transformed into 3 times of efficiency. The new blade is threaded for easy removal and installation.

6. Center pin adjustment Kit: mantovanibenne has a unique central pivot pin layout. This allows periodic adjustment of the pin to ensure perfect shearing. The fully protected pins are available for maintenance and all related components are removed.

7. Special accelerating valve: shorten cycle time and regenerate power supply required.Protection The shear eliminates the pressure peak.

8. Rotary group anticovitation valve: 360 ° continuous rotation. The best positioning for always cutting.

9. All new cylinders: increase bore by 20% more power. Forged piston rod for a better functionality and safety. Reverse cylinder is installed with full rod protection.

10. Unique common shear lubrication system ensures regular lubrication of moving parts