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What are the applications of vibratory rammer

Pubdate:2020-09-29 Clicks:

1、 Environmental engineering applications.

To solve the problem of landfill density of hazardous materials such as garbage, increase the number and depth of landfill, save land and prevent secondary pollution. At the same time, it can also solve the risk of biogas leakage caused by poor compaction of layered landfill.

2、 Application in the field of industrial and civil construction.

The foundation treatment of the ground floor can save the cost of gravel pile and shorten the construction period, and directly treat the construction waste on site, thus saving the cost of removing industrial waste.

3、 Application of large bearing site.

In addition, the foundation treatment of large-scale industrial enterprises' stockyards, oil depots, airports, ports and other large-scale foundation treatment; salt pond leakage treatment in salt industry.

4、 Application of highway or railway subgrade construction.

Highway railway subgrade compaction and reinforcement, cement pavement water stable base micro crack type broken regeneration; road upgrading and widening of the old road; high fill of subgrade, especially the high fill of earth rock mixed subgrade compaction; urban subway base station backfill compaction; bridge abutment back, culvert side, jizhaogou highway and railway subgrade compaction.