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Key points for maintenance of steel grabbing machine

Pubdate:2020-09-29 Clicks:

Regular inspection and timely maintenance are the key to maximize the productivity and prolong the service life of the excavator grab. Therefore, the following points must be emphasized in the inspection and maintenance process:

1. When checking and maintaining the steel grabbing machine, the steel grabbing machine should be placed on the flat ground, the working device should be put down, and the diesel engine should be shut down.

2. To close the pilot safety lock, that is to cut off the pilot circuit, and then carry out maintenance.

3. When the hydraulic oil after operation is high temperature, it can not be disassembled directly when repairing the oil, sealing, refueling or discharging. The diesel engine should be turned off and the pilot handle can be operated for pressure relief before maintenance. Do not touch the oil pipe to avoid scalding.

4. The safety valve and overload valve of the hydraulic system have been adjusted before delivery, so as to avoid accidents.

5. Avoid maintenance on the ramp, grab the steel under the body weight to walk or rotate.

6. Do not let dust and other debris mix into the hydraulic system when disassembling and assembling the hydraulic parts. The connecting surface shall not be damaged. If there is any damage, it shall be repaired to maintain the original accuracy.

7. The assembly and disassembly joint shall be cleaned, and the sealing ring shall not be damaged or missed. The hose assembly must not be twisted.

8. The bolts of hydraulic pressure and connecting pipes are loose due to impact and vibration. They should be checked frequently and tightened in time if they are loose.