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How to reduce the vibration of pile driver in use

Pubdate:2020-09-29 Clicks:

In the construction process of excavator pile driver, either its own or the surrounding environment will produce large or small vibration. The vibration of pile driver comes from the work of mechanical control system and external force, while the vibration generated by external environment comes from mechanical construction.

Generally, the effect of using spring to reduce vibration is poor, which leads to a large loss of energy, which is about 15% - 25% of the total energy, and may cause damage to the supporting lifting equipment. In the shock absorption design of the equipment, damping rubber parts are used and driven by hydraulic motor to generate high-speed rotation and vertical excitation force. After passing through the damping rubber block, a certain amplitude is maintained, which can meet the requirements of various types of soil and pile driving.

The fastener in the integrated gear / eccentric block gearbox becomes redundant, the two pole damping block system has twice the pull-up force, the adjustable shock box adjusts the height and weight according to the engineering requirements, and the oblique eccentric gear transmission is more stable and efficient.